Monday, July 18, 2016

A Positive State of Being

At the time that I write this we haven't had our Sidewalk Sale yet.

At the time that you read this, we have.

So I'm going to say "A fun time was had by all and the sale was stupendous."

It's all about positive thinking.

Crafters are positive people. It's why they have SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectation). They just know that they're going to make 1000 shawls, socks for every day of the year, baby and wedding cross stitch pictures for every member of the family, Christmas stockings for everyone, all pictures neatly arranged in scrapbooks with full stories attached, a different costume for every Halloween for all the kids, charity projects, the ability to dress from head to toe in handmade items every day of the week, at least one quilt in every room plus table runners for every month, full layettes for every newborn and baby shower gifts all ready to go, and all the Heaven and Earth cross stitch designs about magical bookcases done and framed and proudly displayed by the library of books -  because crafters tend to be readers and they often have SABLE in books too.

Now that we've read about my life...

Occasionally - very occasionally we will have someone come in and say "I'm about to finish my project and I have nothing to do."

Which causes Lori and I to look at each other with open mouths of shock and awe.

We can't imagine that statement of being.

It's not as if we haven't started there. When I was a beginning crafter in my teens I bought yarn and needles for one sweater - yes I started life as a knitter on a sweater, so don't ever ask me if something is difficult - I don't know what that means. An inexpensive sweater since my drug supplier was Zellers. When I finished that one I went and bought yarn for another sweater. I made four sweaters that way. Then I saw an embroidery kit of birds on a barbed wire fence. I bought that and did it. Meanwhile I became interested in craft magazines and started buying Vogue Knitting and Better Homes and Gardens Needlework. It was soon over for me. A needlework piece in a magazine turned into a latch hook rug. There was the cross stitch pillow that I did in colors I had to fudge because Lewiscraft at that time didn't have all the DMC colors. I got married and had babies and soon there were baby blankets and booties and ugly sweaters for my husband and and and...

I gave up knitting for thirty years and instead concentrated on cross stitch and needlework. Which has it's own SABLE and now that I'm back to knitting...

I am still positive I can get it all done. I just have to find the magic potion for eternal life.

Tell me there's crafting in heaven.

So to add to your sable we have little projects. Projects that you can do in an evening. That's right, we're having a 1,2,3 sale. In other words, skeins of lonely yarns where there's only 1, 2, or 3 of them. There be magic in these yarns. You can create cowls and scarves and hats or a shawl of different textures or if you're really creative an out there sweater with all kinds of different yarns and textures.

Come take a look!



Come take a look at our 75% OFF table!

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who is thinking of taking up magic to solve the sable problem)

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  1. Hey! I know that feeling -- finishing a project and having "nothing" to do. I'm here to tell you that has nothing to do with what's on hand at home. It's the start of start-itis, and it calls for something new to work on -- whether one has no stash (Heaven forfend!) or SABLE...There's an itch that must be scratched! Ask me how I know... ;-)