Monday, July 11, 2016

The Many Meanings of Velvet Chenille

Velvet Chenille.

It sounds like either...

A. A 60's Motown group
B. A 70's Barry White song
C. An 80's Prince album
D. A beatnik back alley coffee house
E. The name of an exotic dancer
F. A drink with high alcohol content
G. A really decadent desert - probably with chocolate
H. Something you can get at Starbucks
I. A movie you won't let your kids watch
J. The name of a black cat
K. The decorating decor of a playboy from a 1960's Doris Day flick
L. The name of a Bond girl.
M. A book you read while hiding in a closet so no one knows.
N. A late night radio show.
O. Or the name of the deejay.
P. What you would name your Build a Bear.
Q. A 1920's speak easy.
R. The name of an evening gown, as in "I think the Velvet Chenille will look better."
S. The name of a bathrobe, as in "I think I'll slip into something more comfortable, like my Velvet Chenille."
T. The name of a revolution. "The Velvet Chenille Uprising".
U. The name of a girl born to hippy parents in the late 60's.
V. A flavor of hot chocolate.
W. A magazine devoted to the latest trends in music, movies and fashion.
X. The resurgence of painting on velvet - with a twist.
Y.  A painting technique to be used on the walls of your dining room or master bedroom.
Z. A yarn that we have on super-special sale this week.

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Ice Yarns Velvet Chenille
Bulky, 100% Microfibre

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Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who remembers having a chenille bedspread that I picked apart)

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