Monday, September 12, 2016

When Summer Ends and the Season of Knitting Returns

It isn't the kids going off to school, the color changing leaves, the cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, or a date on the calendar that announces the end of summer.

Nope. It's none of these things.

The end of summer happens when Summer Drink Days are over at McDonalds.

This is what happens when you go through
self-imposed summer knitting withdrawal
and you return to knitting in the fall.
For the entire summer you could get an iced coffee or a fountain drink for a dollar. But no more.

It makes me sad.

I was sitting in the drive through waiting for my full priced iced coffee and my pumpkin spice muffin when I realized, they put boulders along the boundaries to prevent cars from driving away. I was trapped! If a fire breathing dragon, a monsoon or a psycho driver on a murder spree suddenly came along, I wouldn't be able to get out of the way.

One more thing to worry about.

I've been binge watching Supernatural while I knit. It's a show where often people and monsters get impaled on things with help from demons or two demon fighting pretty boys who are not young enough to be my sons so it's okay if I drool. The other day I was alone in the store, and I was putting up rows and rows of straight metal hooks we use to hang skeins of yarn and I couldn't help looking over my shoulder to be sure that some supernatural being wasn't going to impale me by somehow making it look like an accident - like tripping over a basket and falling into the wall.

I think about these things.

I actually like autumn. I like colored leaves, pumpkin spice everything and sweater weather. I just don't like the evil specter of winter hanging over it.

Apparently someone's mother was so happy that school was
back in session that she made a sweater for the bus.
One nice thing about autumn is that knitting starts to become respectable again. People think you don't understand the meaning of life if you knit in the summer, because summer is for gardening, swimming, and sleeping outside on the hard ground while spending money to pretend to be a homeless person.

But in autumn people admire that finely stitched sweater, those neon socks, that cozy hat and scarf set, the lace shawl, the practical dishcloths and even that weird mermaid blanket that everyone is doing even though it means if there's a fire you'll get up, get tangled in your tail and sprawl flat on your face while everything burns around you. (Note: in spite of what you have heard, mermaid blankets do not automatically improve your swimming abilities on dry land).

Of course you don't have to tell them you've been working on those exquisite creations all summer. They don't have to know that the full length intarsia cape didn't spring up over night and is imbued with blood, sweat, tears and a few choice swear words.

To bring in the fall we have a sale on lovely autumn yarn. There's enough here for sweaters, scarves, hats, mermaid tails, and even a supernatural hex bag because you just never know when a monster might want to impale you on a sharp object in your home or at work.

Yes, I think about these things. Now I'm sharing with you.

Araucania Quillay
57% superwash wool, 43% acrylic
194y/177m, aran (4)

Regular Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $3.25

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who wishes that dollar days could be all year long, that winter didn't have to hang menacingly around,  and that the pretty boys from Supernatural could supernaturally climb out from the TV into my living room and spend time with me. Yes, I think about these things.).

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