Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Your Monday Morning Workout With Party to Follow

We're going to be at the Creative Stitches Show in Edmonton this week!

Everybody put your arms up in the air and say Yayyyyy!

Now, I will admit that the name "Creative Stitches" has me a bit puzzled.

Why? You ask.

Because half of the show is scrapbookers.

I've done scrapbooking. I don't recall stitching anything. There was lots of cutting and gluing and stickers and punches and writing, but no stitching.

Now, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting and all kinds of needlework require stitches. Even surgical procedures require stitches. But if someone could explain to me how scrapbooking fits in with stitching...well then I am authorized to give you a bottle of fragrant SOAK - a mild soap perfect for your delicate silks and your wild woolies. (Hold up bottle next to face and smile so everyone can see the label. Now wave hand underneath product). See Lori can't handle fragrance anything and she won't even let me open the bottles to smell them even though I love fragrances. So she tortures me by saying "you can't smell them but you can give them away - just not to yourself."

While Lori and Margaret are at the Creative Stitches show, the store is still open and I am here.

Everybody put your arms up in the air and say "Yayyyy!"

You now have two, count that two, places on two weekends to buy from us.

Everybody put up your arms and say "Yayyyy!"

Okay, now that you've been good and done your workout, come to the shows or the store, and tell us that you read the blog and we'll all do the hokey pokey together. Frankly I am giggling at the thought of Lori, Margaret and Lori's mom Muriel, doing the hokey pokey in the middle of the Creative Stitches Show. Hey, the scrapbookers are at the Creative Stitches Show making a lot of noise and having a lot of fun and they don't even stitch anything. Why can't we?

So don't let me down. I want to see pictures of the gang at the shows doing the hokey pokey.

Everybody party. Put your arms up in the air and say "Yayyy!"

This week's sale is very soft and cuddly and fuzzy. And yes, you can shout Yayyy for that too.

75% OFF

Berroco Kodiak
61% Baby Alpaca, 24% Nylon,15% Merino Wool

Regular Price: $19.00
Sale Price: $4.75

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who doesn't want to do the hokey pokey all by herself while fragrant yarn soap languishes)

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