Monday, January 16, 2017

Are You Ready? It May Be Coming

Imagine this...

You're safe and snug in your little house/apartment. You made it home from work safely which is always a challenge, but you're grateful that you have work because not everyone does. There's some food in your fridge and cupboards  and your indoor garden is supplying  you with fresh vegetables and herbs. After dinner you make a cup of herbal tea and decide that you would like to start a new project because you've finished all your other ones. Besides, people are clamoring for your knitting and offering you large amounts of money for it which you need because everything is so expensive.

You look out the window and see the gangs roaming the neighborhood, smashing things, but you know you're pretty secure, because...well...

You go to your stash and discover....

It's all gone! Aaugghhh! How could that be? You stocked up! When you saw the apocalypse come you figured out how to be prepared. You have a stash of books and movies and you thought you had enough yarn to last a good long while. You have a skill that not everyone you know has, and you are happy that you've been able to give away hats and scarves to those who have nothing.

But now you are out of yarn! You throw yourself on the floor, crying. How absolutely awful! How can you keep the zombies away now? How can you pay the gangs to leave you alone if you haven't a hat to give?


It could happen. So we have a solution for you.

Bearing in mind that things may not be too pleasant in the coming years because of what is happening down south this week with he who must not be named, we have decided to hold a pre-apocalypse celebration just in case after this week there will no longer be anything to celebrate.

We have some beautiful chunky acrylic wool blend in several different colors including red, white, and blue - or just red and white, to make your declaration of independence. Unfortunately we don't have pink in this for a pussy cat hat, but we do have plenty of pink yarn in the store for one. But you can make a Canadian or American hat with these colors. And if you don't want those colors, we have others. Maybe we have the colors of one of your countries (we all come from several). Or the colors of your favorite school or sports team. Or maybe you just want green so you can blend into the forest while tracking down zombies to shoot.

75% OFF

70% Acrylic, 30% Wool
50 g/55 m Chunky (5)

Regular Price: $4.50
Sale Price: $1.13

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who is almost ready for the apocolypse with crafts, books dvd's and music and only needs unending money)

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