Monday, January 23, 2017

Everybody Sing: Sunday, Sunday

So I'm looking up Sundae for the purpose of this post.

I know, you're all puzzled. What has a sundae got to do with knitting? We're getting there.

Anyway, I find a list of all the different types of ice cream sundaes that there are. This makes me start craving a sundae which is a very bad thing because I'm trying not to eat things like sundaes and chocolate and brownies and anything that tastes good.

So our of curiosity I look at what a Korean sundae is.

It's not an ice cream dessert.

But it does take the craving away.

Now I like sausages, but having them described as pig intestines stuffed with noodles and pork blood does not send me into rapturous glory like a chocolate caramel ice cream brownie sundae does.

And the fact that there's a neighborhood called Sundae in Sillim-Dong that sells Korean sausage, is not winning me over.

So let's talk about the ice cream sundaes because they're evil and evil is good. At least that's the message I've been getting lately but we won't talk politics.

The legend is (and yes it's not an old legend just over a hundred years), that laws were passed that drug stores, which had ice cream counters (why I don't know), couldn't sell ice cream sodas on Sundays. An owner decided to create an ice cream treat that he called a Sunday, so he could sell it on Sundays. Only some people got upset that he named an ice cream treat after a holy day so he changed the spelling to sundae and created a market for the maraschino cherry. Apparently the law was specific about ice cream sodas only. I guess the devil created those and angels are responsible for sundaes so he could sell sundaes on a Sunday, he just couldn't spell it with a y because y's are righteous and e's aren't.

Hey, I don't make this up.

Now I will remind you, it's not easy to eat a sundae and knit at the same time, although I guess it's possible to skewer a Korean sundae on your knitting needles.

Which leads me to this weeks sale. (And you thought I would never get there.) It's a bulky yarn so you can knit up cozy hats and scarves to keep you warm while you eat an ice cream sundae.


Berroco Sundae
50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
100 g/62 y/57 m Bulky (6)
This is not the color in stock. 

Regular Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $3.25

We don't have a lot of this and we have it only in one color. So if you want it, come and get it. You can go to DQ after.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who's seriously thinking of having a sundae for dinner. Not desert, dinner.)

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