Monday, February 27, 2017

It Was Just My Imagination...Running Away With Me

  1.  (of light or a source of light) shine unsteadily; vary rapidly in brightness.
        "the interior lights flickered and came on"      
  2.  make small, quick movements; flutter rapidly. "her eyelids flickered"
  3.  cause of many sleepless nights from knowing there's something just out of reach  in your mind and if you could remember it you could make millions of dollars and rule the world. "inspiration flickered in and out in her mind often enough not to let her sleep and caused her to kill her husband the following morning when he asked "what's for breakfast"

We've all had flickers. Flickers of intelligence, flickers of hope, flickers of inspiration, the song Flipper going through your head with the word flicker instead and then the realization that Flipper is a dolphin and Flicka is a horse who is your friend but they are not remotely alike although Flipper was a friend too, so I guess they are alike.

Flickers of inspiration are elusive. Here and gone. Brilliant and then nothing. Hopeful and then utter despair. Those flickers come at times when you're doing something else, like making meatloaf and not being able to write down the flicker because your hands are covered in raw ground beef and barbecue sauce. Or while you're driving through the city of Calgary and your road is about to veer off in the direction you don't want to go sending you to Banff or Medicine Hat. Or the middle of the night when you know if you get up to do something about it, you'll come back to find your partner sprawled across the bed, wrapped in all the covers and drooling on your pillow.

So you wait to do something about it, promising yourself to remember it, only instead of remembering it, you remember the words to Stairway to Heaven and the time that that guy whatshisname left you alone on the middle of the dance floor. But the flicker?  It's gone. Sometimes forever.

There's something sad about a flicker. It rarely fully commits. It taunts you, making promises it won't keep, offering you hope and then abandoning  you. It's unsubstantial and unreliable. 

But sometimes all you need is the flicker. A flicker can turn into a flame. A flicker can give you just enough reason to get up and keep going. A flicker is enticing and can add just the right amount of zing to something that is lovely and good on it's own, but becomes better with the flicker, like the right amount of spice in a dish.

And so we present to you Flicker, beautiful soft tonal yarns with just a flicker of sparkle in its chain construction.

75% OFF

87% Baby Alpaca, 8% Acrylic, 5% Other Fibers
50 g/189 y/175 m Worsted Weight (4)

Regular Price:$16.00
Sale Price: $4.00


Another yarn that is pretty much the same thing only from a different company. Chain construction and flickers of shiny. 

Diamond Luxury Collection Stellabella
87% Baby Alpaca, 9% Polyamide, 4% Nylon
50 g/175 m Worsted Weight (4)

Regular Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $3.00

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who has flickers of inspiration to direct a play in Ponoka which is opening this Saturday)

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