Monday, April 24, 2017

If You Could Catch a Camouflage...

You have to be very quiet, and very still, and watch very, very, carefully.

The Camouflage is difficult to see because it is...well, it's camouflaged. If you are motionless and focus your eyes just right you might see the heat waves outlining its deer like form.

It's a gentle animal with succulent meat that many animals love to gorge on. Few people know of it because it is generally invisible. An expert at melding into its background it has been just recently discovered and documented although it has been known among women for centuries . It is an herbivore, gentle, but very wily and hard to catch.

If you can catch one it has a lovely, long, soft, coat which can only be seen once it's been shorn or shed. Then the fur takes on its true color and lacking the particular chemicals and temperature of its owner becomes constant in its appearance. Shearing a Camouflage does not affect its life saving ability to hide and once shorn it can be sent on its way.

The Camouflage does not do well in captivity. Efforts to domesticate them have failed and led to premature death and harsh coats unsuitable for fabric and knitting. Further, they dwell in hard to reach forests inhospitable to mortal men. However women have been able to penetrate these forests and come away with armloads of the fur, spinning and knitting the rare treasure into magic robes and mittens.

Alas, although we recently went on an expedition to track down this elusive creature, we failed in our attempt (someone sneezed), and we came away with nothing.

So instead we offer  you this...

75% OFF

Ice Yarns Camouflage
100% Acrylic
100 g/200 m light Worsted Weight (4)

Regular Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $1.75

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who will be going on an expedition of her own soon but will probably not find a Camouflage). 

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