Monday, May 29, 2017

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes...

That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the word. That and when my parents gave me a kaleidoscope. I found it fascinating and I couldn't figure out how all those pieces of color stayed in their place when I put it up to my eye and turned it.

Now I know "they do it with mirrors", but if you look up the word in Wikipedia there's a huge, long complicated explanation that defines this simple children's toy. I don't have a scientific bent so that long explanation just bored and overwhelmed me. I'm quite content with "they do it with mirrors".

Sometimes when our customers look at patterns they do what they've always been told when it comes to instructions. They read the entire thing.

Generally it's good advice - but not in crocheting and knitting patterns.

Sure take a glance and make sure you know if you have to do several things at once. But mostly I say "don't read the patterns in advance."

All those symbols, even when you know what they are, can be confusing when you don't have your work in front of you. A simple pattern that dazzled you with it's colors and patterns becomes this big long intimidating list of instructions that cause feelings of doubt, confusion, and ineptitude.

Yarn work is supposed to be fun. It's not fun when it scares you. Okay, being scared can be fun, but that's for roller coasters, horror movies and first dates - not for knitwear. Don't let the explanations take away from the beautiful kaleidoscope of pattern and color. Just put your work in front of you and go step by step through the process.

It's like life. Sure you can plan things out to a certain extent - but you're not going to understand the meanings and language of every situation. You have your work in front of you and you go step by step through the process. There's lots of "I don't knows" and glitches and "I can't do this" in the process, but if you look too far ahead and all you see are boulders too big to move, walls too high to climb,  and chasms too big to cross, you feel overwhelmed and defeated and you won't even begin, which means you miss out on the great kaleidoscopes of life.

Believe me, I know. I just took a houseful of  over thirty years and the leftovers of seven kids and my propensity to collect things, and sifted through it all for my move. Looking at the whole process was intimidating and overwhelming until I broke it down into pieces. "I just have to do this little bit today" I told myself. "Just this and nothing else until tomorrow."

I had bright moments of kaleidoscopic patterns through the process. Cherished memories in old furniture. "I forgot about that" mementos. A trip to the coast to claim a character home with stained glass windows and an ivy covered pear tree. An evening with my newly adult youngest daughter and a stack of beloved picture books. A surprise party and going away gifts from friends. Serendipitous blessings that moved the waters like Moses dividing the Sea.

There is still work to do. There's still a job to find. I have to settle in, unpack, and discover new friends and new places. This week will be crazy and busy as I juggle several balls (by the way, I can actually juggle). I hate cleaning but will have to clean an entire house before letting it go. I don't know how this is all going to work out.

But you don't have to understand how a kaleidoscope works to enjoy its beautiful patterns and colors. All you really have to do is put it up to your eye and turn it.

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Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who is still here with kaleidoscope eyes).

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  1. Oh how I'm going to miss your stories that lead up to the product. Never have I ever skipped to the sale, I cherish the story first every time. Wish you all the best in yor new adventure and hope where your roots fall there is story writing involved.