Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Time = Luxury ??

What do you think? What is your "luxury"?

 Miriam-Webster defines luxury as: something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary. 

Image result for golden fleece headpieceSpun golden fleece headpiece is luxury? Summer is lazy, hazy days of luxury . . . and as children "summer" equals freedom from school, routine and much of the adult supervision we endured during the winter. What luxury!

Holidays are considered a luxury (as well as a benefit). When you go to a hotel, staff do many things for you, i.e. clean, laundry, cook and serve meals. Luxury! When you go camping, you do not have the same standards as you do at home - luxury! 

Treading quicksand - we are lucky to live in a country where we have the luxury to voice our opinion, practice our faith, criticize others actions/decisions - with little to no consequences. I was totally startled to hear a lawyer state "Currently our legal policy is to find nine guilty people innocent rather than convict one innocent person."  What a luxury! Most of the world is working from the concept we are guilty until proven innocent. 

For many centuries making your own fabric an clothing was a necessity, now knitting and creating your own are artistic crafts! And often considered a luxury.

Working with one of the wide-variety of yarns we carry is a luxury - and an opportunity to create artistic luxury for ourselves or loved ones. Llama yarns come from the fine undercoat of the animal. The other, heavier coats are used for household items and outer garments. Silk is the oldest and strongest natural thread and, for centuries, considered a luxury. This week's special is from Diamond's Luxury Collection.

4060914837_7e185b4c78_n75% off


60% Llama, 40% Silk
93 meters/skein

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