Monday, July 3, 2017

What's Better than Heavenly?

That's a tough question.

I'm writing this on the far end of Canada Day -- Canada 150, that is -- and know full well that tomorrow will be Just Another Day.

The morning after the day before, when the day before is Very Special -- like Christmas, or New Year's Eve, or your wedding day or your birthday,  or even the first (or last) day of school.

And it's July, so it's been hot and unpredictable...thunder clouds rolling in...and rolling out again.

How to recover the sense of anticipation, the excitement, the surprise, the delight of a holiday?  How to inject a bit of Heaven in your day?  How about a light, fluffy, colourful yarn (with a little glitz)?

Something more than Sublime...something Divine!

Booklet #466 - front cover

This yarn can turn into light and loft cowls; cozy slippers, ponchos or shawls; pretty finger-less gloves, hats and scarves.  Even with it's slight halo, it shows off a lacy pattern -- like the popular 'Feather and Fan' -- with aplomb.

A note of caution: it's a bit 'thick-and-thin' which may slow down the process...but that can be a Good Thing in these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  :-)

Booklet #466 - back cover

Need more good news?

While we may have been closed on July 1 for the Canada Day celebrations, WE ARE OPEN today (Monday, July 3) at 9 a.m. as usual, so you can drop by and view this Weekly Special -- and all the other goodies we have to offer!

75% OFF

Sirdar Divine

72% Polyester
28% Acrylic
160 yards - 150 metres
in 50 gram balls

Original Price: $9.00/ball
On sale this week
for $2.25/ball

Now that's what we call 'better than heavenly'!

Posted by Margaret, happy employee who thinks pretty much any and all yarns are 'divine'.  :-)

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