Monday, January 22, 2018

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I'm a child of the fifties and sixties, when it was still common for women to wear fur coats.  One of my earliest memories -- I must have been about 3 years old -- was of snuggling up to my mother in church, finding comfort in the wide long sleeves of her sheared beaver coat.

There are photos of me as a babe in my mother's arms; she's wearing a full-length grey lamb coat.  Later in her life she had it shortened to 'car coat' length so she could manoeuvre more easily in and out of our mid-fifties Volkswagen 'Beetle' -- a car smaller by far than any we'd owned previously.  Still later, that jacket was put into service to keep her cozy on early morning outings with my step-father, trawling for perch near our cottage on a bay in the St. Lawrence.  Mom was always one to combine the practical with the elegant!  😉

And even later than that, my mother-in-law passed on to me her short black lamb jacket, which I enjoyed for many years (it rather resembled the one at right, but had wider sleeves).

Those who've been unwilling to wear or unable to afford fur have still been able to enjoy the appearance of fur thanks to technology that's made possible the creation of 'faux fur' or 'fun fur'.

While most of the time these products emulate mink or fox -- both more expensive than beaver or lamb -- there is a way (even now) to create the cute, curly look of lamb, whether as a full garment or as a trim for your favourite hat, gloves, mittens or jacket project -- and that's what's on offer as our Super Special this week!

Nova Ebru
100% Polyamide
50 gm = 25 metres (27 yards)

Regular Price: $3.00

Sale Price: $0.75!

Written by Margaret who enjoys seeing something "old" made "new" again.

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