Monday, January 15, 2018

January Blues?

Good News! It has been confirmed and proven - the "January Blues" is a real condition!!

 "January Blues" are very different from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  "January Blues" are situational and short term, SAD is a clinical depression caused by personal biology and can last several months/years.

Why do we experience the "blues"?

  1. We spent several months preparing for the holiday season - and now it is over, the decorations have been taken down and put away - we try to return to "normal" (read boring and work)
  2. Family and friends have come and gone. Due to the extreme cold, some events were cancelled - very disappointing
  3. We did not complete my "To Do" list - adding to our discouragement
  4. We over-indulged and added pounds. This adds to our sluggishness and discouragement. 
  5. The days are really short (though they are getting longer, it feels really slowly). There is nothing on the short term horizon to look forward to - spring is a long way off, the next long weekend . . .  also feels like a long way off and it is hard to make plans for it
  6. If you made a New Year's Resolution - have you been able to keep it? We are easily discouraged

Several websites (hopefully reputable websites) offer good suggestions on dealing with  "January Blues". These suggestions include (and are not limited to . . .)

  1. Think positive thoughts, remember the good things you were able to do over the holidays, the gifts you were able to complete
  2. Finish one more gift/project, take it off the "To-Do" list 
  3. Make plans to finish another project, help others in need, volunteer, phone a friend - one of the ones you did not have time to really visit with over the holidays 
  4. Get outside - go for a walk - the sunshine does help, and if you walk a different direction, you may make a small discovery
  5. Read that book sitting beside your bed for the last several months and then share it
  6. Try in small ways to clear the clutter stashed in the closet/drawer or cupboard prior to Christmas - so it too reduces the "To-Do" list and the guilt that goes along with unfinished projects
  7. Meet a friend for a meal - at your home, theirs or halfway in between. It is spending time with others that is important, eating makes it easier
  8. Take time for you - be hedonistic (do something that is just for you!)
  9. Reward yourself with something positive 
  10. Record/journal your changes so you can look back to see what incredible this you have been able to complete/achieve

Not to sound preachy, and (seriously) looking in the mirror - you are valuable and special! Do something to celebrate 2018!

Colour can be a way to brighten your days - wear it, decorate with it, make something with colour.  If you are looking for a yarn to help complete one of those projects stored in the spare room - this week's special may be just the ticket! Variegated yarns can add colour or a highlight to finish something.

I have made several projects with variations of this week's 75% off special. It wears well, is a nice feeling yarn, works up quite quickly and drapes nicely. It is machine washable! It is a very versatile yarn, so you can do almost anything with it.

Come in and take a look . . .

Micro Grande 
100% Acrylic
200m - 100gm

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Posted by Anne, who understands the blues and loves to work with blue yarns

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