Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do you prefer all things "Traditional" or "Contemporary"?

Or do you blend the best of both?

This past weekend the wedding of Meghan and Harry was a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary.

When you compare the wedding of Charles and Diana to the wedding of their son, Harry to Meghan Markle . . . it is a very different world. Harry is not the first in line to be a monarch - as Charles was and is; so the traditions are different.

Traditional British brides have a rhyme "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe"? The old was to ward off the "evil eye" and/or continuity, new - optimism, blue is for fertility/purity/love/fidelity, the borrowed was to provide good luck/happiness, and the sixpence -prosperity.

Meghan's tiara was a direct tribute to the something borrowed. The tiara was a gift to Queen Mary in 1893 and is known as the Queen Mary Bandeau. I read somewhere it was provided by Queen Elizabeth, whose sister Princess Margaret has worn on special occasions.

It is wonderful when we can respect traditions - like marriage. It is also wonderful when we can lose some of the destructive traditions, like racism, and find ways to respect change and opportunity. Meghan is the first person of colour in over 200 years to  marry into the British Royal family. The first person I am aware of was Charlotte, wife of George III in the 1700's. She was a member of the Portuguese royal family.

Coming closer to home - how times are a changing here at The Crafty Lady. Please share and remind one and all, we are moving! Lori is celebrating by having one of the biggest sales - to my knowledge - in her 24 year history.

There are so many things on sale - I cannot list them all. Note - as of today the sale items are at 40% off, tomorrow 45%. She is increasing the discount by 5% every business day until the end of the month.

Are you a gambler? Do you want to wait and see what is left when the discount reaches 80% to then purchase? Or purchase now to ensure you get your choice? As one customer stated "I just bought all my yarn for this Christmas" at sale prices!

That is the change side - on the traditional side; we are continuing the one item at 75% off.

Combining "old and new" - Hayfield's Aran with Wool is 20% wool and 80% acrylic. It will work to all Aran weight patterns. The bonus of the wool (the old) and the acrylic (the new) allows this yarn to hold it's shape, be very warm, machine washable and easy to care for.

Brioche Basic Beanie by Marilynn's Garden
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Perfect House Slippers by Crochet by Mamachee
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Aran with Wool

20% wool / 80% acrylic
Aran weight

Reg. $8.50
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Written by Anne, happy TCL employee who is surprised to learn I prefer many of the newer traditions, while holding onto the best of the old . . .the best of both!!

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