Monday, May 28, 2018

The Marvellous, Magical Madness of Moving!

I've worked for The Crafty Lady once or twice a week for about five years now, and it's always been an adventure.  My usual days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  That four-day gap I have from the end of one week to the start of another has meant that I often don't know what I'll find when I come in on a Tuesday.

Most of the time it might be a new yarn delivery, or new embroidery kits and patterns.

About once a year, though, The Crafty Lady loves to move things around -- literally re-arranging the furniture and most -- if not all -- of the stock.

This year, as you'll know if you've been keeping up with our blog posts, the good Lady has hit an all-time high: she's moving the store.

We're only going around the corner -- but it might as well be around the world: there's that much work to do to make it happen!

Once just the right new location was found, the Lady set about drafting floor plans to determine what would go where.  She tested the lights and the plugs and the equipment in the kitchen (Yes! A kitchen!).  Shelving was installed in the basement for storage. (No more on the floor storage!)  A bit of new flooring has gone into the office space.  (Yes! A dedicated office!)  Over the past couple of weeks, stored yarn has moved into that new basement space, and our peg-board for hanging skeins has been removed from our original site to its new home. Over last weekend, as you'll have read, our beloved couches were moved there too.

The marvellous thing is that while Anne and I have held the fort at the current location, and helped a bit with packing, most of the work has been done by The Crafty Lady herself, with able assistance from her Mom-with-Endless-Energy (Muriel) and a local handyman/electrician.

The magical thing is that in the midst this time of excitement, anticipation and more than a little Moving Madness, we -- and that includes you, Dear Customers! -- have managed to keep our sense of humour.

Here's what you need to know going into this week:

  • We expect to be open (with limited stock) at the current location Thursday, May 31.
  • The current location will be CLOSED after Thursday, May 31 BUT
  • We hope to have the NEW location open for business that day.
  • Knit Night -- with special goodies -- WILL RUN on Thursday, May 31 at the NEW location!
Address of the NEW location:

5006 - 50 AVENUE, Lacombe
(right next to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)

There is on-street parking, as well as a public parking lot across the street next to the Bank of Montreal.  😊

Watch this Blog space and/or our Facebook Page or call ahead for confirmation (403-782-7238).

And of course, the Moving Sale continues!!

Monday, May 28, all highlighted items (watch for those yellow and orange tags!) will be 65% off -- and the progressive sale continues through May 31.

And yes...We're still having our weekly Super Special Sale!

Diamond Yarns Luxury Collection
Mulberry Linen

50% Alpaca
25% Linen
25% Silk

50 Grams = 114 metres (125 yards)

Regular Price: $10.00

75% Off!

Sale Price: $2.50

If you're like me, you start your Christmas gift knitting sometime over the summer.   Too hot to knit?  Not if it's a wee bit of luxury, such as a hat, a close-to-the-neck cowl , a pair of mittens or even a simple shawl -- and this yarn is just the ticket!

A variation on 'Wurm'
created by thatfanatic on Ravelry

"Mebonden" mittens
designed by Skeindeer Knits

We'll be here for you -- at one location or the other -- or maybe in two places at once!  There's no end to the marvellous, magical madness of moving!

*Written by Margaret, who's found magic and marvels in knitting for almost 60 years.

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  1. How wonderful! An office! A kitchen! And separate storage space! Plus still room for the sitting area. That's awesome!