Monday, May 6, 2019

It is Alberta!!

Saturday had been designated Highway Clean-Up Day across Alberta. Did you notice it snowed all Friday evening, all night and it was still snowing when I came to work last Saturday!! Needless to say, due to the condition of the ditches and icy roads - Highway Clean-up was postponed.

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Now - be fair! I am not a "smoker" of anything! I do not know a great deal about the benefits/harm of smoking "weed" - so I am not taking sides!! I just thought this was funny!

It has been a while since I heard someone tell me - if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes! Did Mother Nature get stuck on snow?

All across the prairies, we did not get enough snow over the winter. We seriously need the moisture, and for years we have been told not to plant our gardens before the May long-weekend. So why am I hearing my avid gardening friends complain - last year they had their garden in by this time last year? Are we trying to confuse Mother Nature or is it just our way of trying to control the uncontrollable?

I am hoping the moisture just keeps falling, as I am still trying to work on some winter projects and not being able to get into the garden (as it is too wet) just allows me to knitting and not feel I "should" be in the garden.

I found some beautiful merino to make a shawl and am still working on socks. I am really enjoying socks - finally. I have struggled for years and not found making socks satisfying. This year, for some reason they are turning out, they fit and are really comfortable. What a gift!! Total contrast - lace patterns and solid knit socks. Who is trying to confuse whom?

Speaking of spring - are you thinking of new projects for the cabin? Something quick, smallish, and fun to work with? I was thinking this week's feature yarn would be great for new covers for couch cushions - both indoor and out.

When I went looking for projects worked our 75% off sale yarn - I was really surprised! Every pattern was a sweater, hat, cowl, socks, scarf or touque! Not a pillow on Ravelry - in this yarn. I am hoping the pictures below will allow you to see the stitch definition - and the versatility of this yarn!

Scoodie = Hood w scarf
smc select
54% alpaca, 32% new wool, 14% polyamid
Hand Wash/Dry Clean
50 g./80 m
Reg. $9.00

   75% OFF
Sale $2.25

Posted by Anne, happy knitter - who is really appreciating the snow - when I have a leak in my rubber boots! Is a new pair on the horizon for Mother's Day? 

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