Monday, August 12, 2019

On a Roll

With all the cool, wet weather we've had in these parts of late, it would be no surprise that when Anne -- my colleague at The Shop -- asked last week if you were doing any fall planning re: your knitting and crochet, we could imagine your heads bobbin' up-and-down in the "Yes!" mode.

Some of our favourite rolls
aren't made with yarn! 😉
Given the continued rain, we're inclined to believe that you're not only nodding "Yes!" to the planning, but you've actually begun to create...and you're building up to the point where you're on a roll.

That said, did you simply haul out your needles or hooks and some yarn and start creating or...

Did you have a plan?

Did you make a list?


Are you simply 'going with the flow' and making things that you hope someone will enjoy, someone will fit, someone will thank you for?

And another "OR"...

Have you decided to venture into a new area of making -- whether it's with a new material or a new pattern -- something you've not tried before?

This week, The Crafty Lady might just have exactly what you're looking for:

Rainbow Roll
Noro Yarns

100% Wool
Pencil Roving

269 metres = 294 yards

Regular Price: $25.00

Sale Price: $6.25

Limited quantities and colour selection!

Now...before you say, "What the heck am I going to do with that?" or "What is 'pencil roving', anyway?!"...let us enlighten you!

Rainbow Roll is unspun pencil roving that can be used for spinning, knitting, weaving, needle felting, crochet, or many other things.  In particular, "pencil" roving is a type of roving that has been drawn out until it is the size of a fat pencil.

It's...a feathery-light fibre that can be easily torn off the roll for an assortment of crafts (spinning, needle-felting) but also easily overlapped so that it can be knit or crocheted or woven.

Once laid down on a surface or knit into an item, it can be wet felted, because it is 100% wool that's not treated for washing.

As we edge closer to fall (and not just because of the way the weather's been lately!), we all recognize it's time to get rolling with those gift items for back-to-school, fall birthdays and (ahem!) the Gift-Giving Season.

See you in The Shop!

*Written by Margaret, who's merrily rolling along with her list in one hand and her yarn in the other!

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