Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter, Passover, Celtic/pagans and Spring

Easter, Passover, Celtic/pagans and Spring           
I am NOT a theological student (someone who studies/has studied) religion over the centuries. From my very limited knowledge – all focus on new life, second chance, hope and a spirit of thanksgiving we have survived the winter.
“The Easter narrative draws us into Christ’s life, death & resurrection. He gives us  individually and as a Community  our identity, our life and our future.   This is a time for all of us to explore our journey of faith and for Community” quoted from Northumbria Community website.
There is green in the fields around Lacombe and Bentley, the ice is slowly receding off the lakes, many of the birds are starting to come back – and I saw a butterfly in my strawberries on Friday. I was just disappointed when my great-grandchildren were here on Saturday for Easter dinner the butterfly would not come out.
I had found two damaged bird nests. One fell out of a tree during a winter windstorm and the other was blowing in a ditch – so neither would be used this spring. I brought them home and we had a great time trying to speculate on what kind of birds might have created them.
When you step outside in the country, often you now can hear the birds calling as the build new houses for their mate.
People are starting plants in side, spring cleaning and freshening their homes – even spring cleaning the car! How radical after the winter collection of “things”.
I walk in the Summer Village of Gull Lake almost every day. I pick up garbage and the “gifts” dogs and people leave behind. As the snow has receded, on 1 walk – less than a half mile – I picked up after 5 different dogs (judging by color and size, several candy wrappers and 67 cigarette butts.
Please people, this is so damaging to our environment – please take all your butts home!
Back to spring and hope – as we clean our closets, please remember there are many places to donate items you will not be able to wear this summer. I know I am reducing the number of tops in my closet! Leggings and slacks have been purged over Lent, shoes are also on the list – my husband just staggered and had to sit down 😌
I have not worn several of my good heels lately as I have damaged my knee (a great excuse to be allowed to sit and knit) so the spikes and heels were the first to go. I was talking with friend over the weekend and her challenge was her purses – she has or had 47 purses. I don’t have enough storage room for 47 purses! If I did, could not have all of my yarn stash!! Each to our own stash
While cleaning and looking in hope, is it time to add a bit of sparkle to a room?
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Posted by Anne, wishing everyone a Blessed Easter, Happy Passover and Hope for a new season

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