Monday, September 16, 2019

104 Year Old Senior raises a bar!

This 104 year-old senior was declared the world's oldest street artist after joining a team of guerrilla knitters in 2016.

Wome from Selkirk, Ettrickbridge and Yarrow, in the Scottish Borders who are a team of "guerrilla knitters" have decorated local landmarks with crochet and knitted art. See Centre Press story CPKNIT. A 104 year old knitter who has Ãyarn bombedà her local town is thought to be the world's oldest street artist. Grace Brett is a member of a secret band of guerilla knitters, who have bedecked their town in artful knitting. Called the Souter Stormers, the group hit various landmarks in Selkirk, Borders, with their yarn work last week, following hours of preparation.  Members of the yarn bombing team are mainly over 60, but Grace à the oldest à has lived over a century.

According to the news article: During the guerrilla war absolutely  no animals were harmed in the creation of the project! 

The group hit various landmarks in Selkirk, on the Scottish Borders, following months of preparation. Many of the Souter Stormers are over 60. Grace is the oldest. 

Grace is one of  the people proving the urge to create starts early and appears not to diminish with time. Similar human needs are to be needed, to contribute and to be respected. 

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Crafting is Art! Hand-made is "Crafted with Love" whether it be knitting, cross-stitch, crocheting, tapestry, weaving, woodworking, etc.. Every project is different, as we use different woods or metals, different yarn(s) or colours.

The young people are back in school - and we start thinking of the seasonal festivities on the horizon. This is the time of the year local yarn stores start to suggest you plan many of your projects.

Lori, Margaret and Anne have all started their planning - Lori has actually started her Christmas projects! Even with the 2 trade shows she takes half the store to! She was working on one project at the show 10 days ago in Sherwood Park and discovered she made a mistake - in her own pattern. Our Crafty Lady has designed 61 patterns and claims to have approx. 4,863 still roaming around in her mind. Careful planning (I am learning) is one of the most important secrets to a pattern's success.

As she is busy writing a new pattern, setting up, taking down our booth and teaching at the CreativFestival Show in Spruce Meadows this coming weekend - she is also ordering new yarns.

Come see us in Spruce Meadows Friday or Saturday. Bring your Crafty Lady bag and save the same 5% discount as you do in the store.

As an easy creation for your quick project list - this week's 75% Off Special is a great way to shorten your project list.

from Nova Plus 
80% acrylic/20% polyester

Complete with Pompom

Reg. $ 12.00
75% Off

You cannot buy this quality of pompom at this price - much less the yarn for the hat! We only have limited stock, so . . . 

Speaking of seasons, praying harvest goes well for all farmers!

Written by Anne, hoping to see you at Spruce Meadows this weekend!

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