Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Something for Everyone

My friends and colleagues at The Craft Lady know this about me: I'm a sock knitter.  I also enjoy knitting shawls, mittens and hats -- all with yarn that requires needles that are 6 mm around (that's a US 10).  I often quip that using larger needles gives me the heebee-jeebees!

Some yarn-crafters, of course, are fans of each and every weight of yarn, but you have to admit, Dear Readers, that usually folks have favourites.

What about you?  Are you a lover of fine fingering (American 2), sweater-created double knit (American 3) or utilitarian worsted/aran-weight yarn (American 4)?

Sweet Paprika's "Crescendo" Fingering

Worsted, from Estelle Yarns

Or do you desire more Instant Gratification when you knit or crochet?
If so, then you'd go for a chunky/bulky (American 5 or 6)  or perhaps even a super bulky yarn (American 7), eh?

At The Crafty Lady we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of yarn types -- acrylics, wool, alpaca, cotton, silk, various blends thereof -- in a wide range of weights.

As the only full-service yarn shop on the Highway 2 (QE II) corridor running between Calgary and Edmonton, we like to have something for everyone!

That's why this week, it's time to GO BIG -- with this super-bulky yarn!

from Gazzal via Ice Yarns

97% Wool
3% Other fibres

Regular Price: $25.00

Sale Price: $6.25!

YIKES!  What can I make with this?!

You might try a bold, quick-knit tri-colour toque created with one three-coloured skein, 
split into its individual colours:  

Or you might try this super-bulky, neck-warming cowl, aptly named "Gigantico":

There you have it!  Instant Gratification Knitting at its finest -- and two holiday gifts created well in advance!

Remember now, at our booths at the up-coming Creativfestival shows this month, those of you in those two centres -- and 'round about -- will see a sampling of this variety.  Some of our shelves at home in Lacombe might be a tad bare from September 5 through 7, and 19 through 21 -- but never fear!  We'll still try to give our best service to those not going to the shows, and set aside yarns for you to pick up on a lay-away basis if need be.

Check out LAST WEEK'S BLOG POST for a printable "2 for 1" entry coupon!

And The Crafty Lady says that our NEW website is up and running at last -- so you can see what's on offer there.  Even better, if you register (create a customer account), you can shop!  Please note that there are likely to be a few hiccups along the way, as we learn to navigate our Shop in Cyberspace, so please be patient with us on our new adventure!  😓

As for those heebee-jeebees I mentioned earlier...here's how I like mine:

The Heebee Jeebees at TEDx Calgary... 😉

NOTE: this video is long (13+ minutes), so enjoy as desired!

*Written by Margaret, who's working on yet another pair of socks.  Go figure.

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