Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Did you celebrate Canada Day?

Listening to Sunny 94, it sounded like every community in Central Alberta had some form of celebration over the weekend for Canada Day.

YES! We actually have patriotism!!! We all like a great party.

On Canada Day there were so many great celebrations, fireworks, face painters, pancake breakfasts, bouncy houses, magicians, balloons twisted into dozens of shapes - including a maple leaf!!

One of the bonuses of community events is the opportunity to see the creativity of our neighbours. When you start actually looking, how many of your friends and neighbours are creative/crafty be it woodworking, carving, painting, stained glass, writing, gardening, quilting, knitting, needlework, beading, metal working, crochet? I live in a community of about 200 people. There is at least one person who is active in at least one of these skills, and I know there are others who have additional skills within our community.

Just for curiosity, I was reviewing some of the older blogs and discovered it is 2 years since Anna Maria moved to the island. Thus Margaret and I were privileged to assume the blog writing. Anna is still writing stories and living on the island in an historical home.

Where we were, on Canada Day, we had rain, sunshine and great temperatures. Some of the events had to shift from the park to the community hall, but we all had fun! Did you take a minute, to join in singing our national anthem? Please copy and paste this link for a very sincere rendition: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1559637571711/  - Margaret was unable to walk me through how to post the link, sorry.

Occasional rain is in the forecast for the next 10 days or so. With the cooler temperatures we are having this is a great time to stock up on projects for the fall and winter, including planning for Christmas gifts.

This week's special is right in line with planning and dreaming - Berroco's Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Tonal!! As this yarn also comes from south of the equator (see Margaret's blog from last week) this is a real treat to feature for our 75% off Sale.

Ultra Alpaca & Ultra Alpaca Tonal

by Berroco

200 m/100g
50% Superfine Alpaca/50% Peruvian Highland Wool
Milled in Peru

Reg. $16.00/$20.00
75% OFF Sale

This yarn is great for toques/hats, mittens, cowls/scarves - it is light weight and warm, speaking from experience. Over 45,000 projects have been created in these yarns. There are lots of ideas on Ravelry.

On a different note (puns intended) and not to blow our own horn, we had a customer in last week, with a visitor from Europe. The local customer was overheard to tell the visitor, "The Crafty Lady is the best yarn shop in Western Canada". Thank you to the customer!

Speaking for myself - it is a combination of the owner, our staff - and our customers who help make us one of the best. We learn from you, and when we don't know we all go looking for information.

New yarns have arrived - in limited quantities:

Written by Anne, happy to have wonderful yarns to work with. 

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