Monday, July 29, 2019

IT is coming!!

What is IT!!? It IS

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The Crafty Lady is in the final stages of getting her on-line store up and running. We will be asking for your e-mail address to add to our till program - automatically giving you our store loyalty discount on all purchases.

You will be able to check if we have more/different colours of a favourite yarn in stock, put in a request for a special order, if you did not purchase quite enough for your current project - you will be able to buy on line. We can even mail to you.

The Crafty Lady is working on this - as I write. For her, this is taking time from crafting, creating/designing new projects and working on a computer. 😇 Margaret and I are keeping her well stocked with coffee. The sun late last week also helped as she could not be outside much.

Winner of the $25 Crafty Lady gift card: Betty Golley

Winner of the $50 Crafty Lady gift card: Jennifer Pugh

Congratulations to both of you, and thanks to everyone who entered our draw and shopped during Lacombe Days!

Summer can be a time of closet clearing, re-thinking the current wardrobe and checking dates on the contents of the kitchen cupboards/fridge.

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Your children have grown, you have changed shape (speaking only for myself and personal experience), your colouring has changed (or your hair colour) - during the rainy days, when everyone is "bored", clearing the clutter can be mind-blowing. 
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It can be a great time to review the contents of your yarn stash. When you are so motivated, please consider donating any of the yarns which no longer talk to you. These yarns may be left over from a completed project, yarn you were gifted when it no longer spoke to the neighbour/aunt. When you have collected some (and this can be part balls) please bring in to The Crafty Lady. We have people who can not afford to buy and donate, who are waiting for your yarn to make blankets, afghans, lap-ghans, for Inn From the Cold, The Mustard Seed, Red Deer Hospice, Ronald McDonald House, Red Deer Hospital, etc. There are several areas of ongoing need.

Speaking of bits and pieces, odd balls and skeins - The Crafty Lady has re-stocked the Orphan basket! This is a great place to get 1 ball/skein of something for a really great price. Our orphans are all great yarns, the only problem for us is, they are the last of a dye lot, a discontinued colour or line. Currently, there are acrylic yarns, wool and acrylic/wool blends in the basket. Come and take a look.

This is a great place to get an unusual bit of yarn - at stash prices - to finish a project or create small items.


75% off Marked Prices

while they last 

Written by Anne, currently working on reducing my stash . . . stay posted - one trunk donated! and several single ball projects under way

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