Monday, June 8, 2020

Summer Fun

I had a customer inadvertently remind me of the fun Anne had making water bombs for her grandchildren last summer. These bombs (or balloons) are eco-friendly because they are reusable - unlike the rubber / plastic ones that just litter the ground and cause problems for the wildlife that are attracted to the brightly coloured debris they leave. The Crafty Lady is currently blessed with enough stock of the perfect yarns to keep each and every one of your kids (of all ages) entertained this summer with their own custom coloured bombs!

There are a number of patterns available on Ravelry for these quick projects. Here are just a few. Some are crochet, some are knit. Some are free, others cost a nominal fee. All of them are guaranteed to bring hours of fun in the fresh air.

Most, if not all, call for Bernat Blanket.  The Crafty Lady's equivalent yarns are Cascade Yarns PluffJames C. Brett FlutterbyUniversal Yarns Bella Chenille, and Himalaya Dolphin. With that much variety in brands, you KNOW there is a large variety of colours to choose from, so don't hold back!

What to do with them when you're done for the day? Make a mesh bag to put them in so they can hang from the clothesline or tree branch - whatever's handy 😊
written by Lori, happy TCL owner who can't wait to see the grands playing with these again!

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