Monday, July 13, 2020

501 patterns fighting to get out ...

Those of you that know me, know that the wheels are always turning, even when I'm sleeping. How can I make this sweater seamless? How can I make self striping yarns more flattering by creating vertical stripes? How can I improve upon ...?

Introducing LN061A!

A couple of months back, my aunt bought two skeins of this lovely yarn from me (Ella Rae Phoenix Print #18 Banana Ice) to make a cowl for herself. She changed her mind and sent it back to me. Well, I couldn't just let it languish in front of me, knowing that her brand new great grandson had coloring perfect for these colours!

My original Vertical Vest pattern (LN061) was written to be made with a single ball of 6ply / dk yarn so it could only be completed with no sleeves or a cap sleeve at best.

(The photo to the right shows what happens when you don't have quite enough yarn for the second cap sleeve.)

I knew I had enough yarn to make a size 2 sweater with sleeves but the question was how to make 'seamless' sleeves (using provisional cast on and Kitchener Stitch) so that the stripes remained vertical like the rest of the sweater and still have properly fitted sleeves. Through trial and error and a total of three sleeves, I finally figured it out.

You will also notice that the body is a near perfect mirror image from one side to the other - front and back. The two balls were nearly perfect twins (only ~12' difference at the beginning of the balls) so I started the back in the middle with a provisional cast on and I made one full side then picked out the cast on and worked the other side. This would not have been possible with two of the original three yarns I used in the vest pattern because the colour changes were much more random in the Lang Tosca Light and the Jawoll Magic 6ply

This pattern is not yet on paper (or digitally available) because I think I will make it a Stocking Stitch version so that the Kitchener join is less of a headache. If you've never tried using a Kitchener Stitch on garter stitch, give it a try. You'll see what I mean.

written by Lori, happy TCL owner, who has enjoyed a chance to get another one of the 501 patterns rolling around in my head a chance to get out.

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