Friday, June 10, 2016

Knit in Public Day - June 18

Who says size doesn't matter
On June 18 you can come out of your closets, your pantries, and your basements and fully embrace who you are!

You are a KNITTER! (Or a CROCHETER - we don't discriminate around here).

If you're a WEAVER or a SPINNER, or a DYER (not to be confused with dying or the angel of death on Touched by an Angel who's real name is John Dye - no I'm not making that up) - we like
you all!

I know, I know, it's hard to admit to it. Especially when yarn arts are associated with grandmas and even though you may have grandchildren you are not that age yet (talking to myself here).

He can knit for me anytime.
But yarn isn't just for old people anymore. Or just for women. Yarn is ageless and genderless and can be celebrated by all.

No one says you actually have to know how to knit.

We have four things for you on this special day of days.

Apparently aliens knit too
1. If you post a picture of yourself knitting in public on our Facebook page, you will get a FREE Crafty Lady Exclusive pattern of your choice! Yes, Lori will be giving away her patterns.

2. If you post a quality comment that lets us know that you read this post then you will be entered in a draw to win a Crafty Lady Exclusive Kit! Lori hasn't decided yet what that will be but we will reveal it pretty soon. By quality I mean that "nice post" doesn't cut it. Nor does "I read it" mean anything. It has to be a comment about something specific.

Run out of people to knit for? Even trees need love.
For an extra draw ticket, comment on one of the other blog posts as well (same rules apply - you have to say something specific). Let us know which blog you posted on in this post.

3. Come down to the store and sit in our comfy couches and knit (or crochet)! It doesn't cost you a thing and we could all have a great time!

4. And just for fun you can pick up a bingo card at the store before the big day. Yes, we have bingo cards! If you can fill it out (honestly) then reward yourself. If you don't know what to reward yourself with - we have suggestions.

Evil laugh

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who is not ashamed to admit "I am a KNITTER (and a crocheter)


  1. I just love the aliens knitted face mask- as well the yarn bombed tree is gorgeous- actually it is Wendy Genge posting this from over in Smoky Lake- husband and I have to share computer

  2. I try to read every one of you blogs since I started following you. Love the stories that are told every week for the sale. Especially recently about The Doctor and the time traveling vest.

    1. Which I know was supposed to be a sweater but if it has no arms on it, Then to me it's a

    2. Yes, it would be a vest. And I wish he would give it back. (Anna)

  3. I like the cute guy knitting! I agree that he could knit for me anyway! Wish I lived close enough to to come down to the store and knit with you all on Saturday!

    1. Dear Unknown. Could we have your name please so we can enter you in the draw. Unless that is your name in which case - I'm sorry that's your name.