Friday, June 17, 2016

Needleworkers Rejoice! (That does not mean you stab your neighbor with tapestry needles)

We love yarn! We take it and put it in a pile and roll around in it. Not naked though because that would be too weird.

We carry other supplies as well, because we know many of you love needlework. In fact two of us (neither one named Lori) are also needlework veterans.  We know it's important to you to be able to get your needlework supplies locally.

Dimensions Kit - Christmas Eve Fun
Sleigh Ornament Kit
Just this past week we got in several boxes of various embroidery books and charts, Dimensions and Heritage cross stitch kits, and needlepoint canvasses.
It's been like Christmas, especially when we open up a box and see - Christmas. 

Yes, we have Christmas in June and now's the time to start on those

Reindeer Ornament Ki

Come check out the beautiful stockings and the adorable ornament kits.

Personally my favorites are John Clayton's Elegance ladies - back
John Clayton Elegance - Rachel
John Clayton Elegance - Abbi
when women wore hats! Now admittedly English women wear hats but some of those hats look like the designers got stoned while watching Twilight Zone reruns. Don't believe me? You should check out hats at the Royal Ascot or Will and Kate's wedding. Yes, you will find some beauties, but the others - someone is playing Truth or Dare and no one is telling the truth.

Anyway, when John Clayton does his Elegance Ladies, they really are elegant, both hatless and hatted.
John Clayton Elegance - Vanessa

Mirabilia - Mermaid of the Pearls
Mirabilia - Enchanted Dreamer
If you like John Clayton's Elegance you probably like Mirabilia.  Nora Corbett is one of my favorite designers and she specializes in fairies, mermaids, elegant ladies, and beautiful children.

The nice thing about these two designers is they make breathtaking patterns using basic cross stitch supplies. No travelling to far off lands and through deserts and into magic mountains to find your supplies.

For the bird lovers we have Valerie Pfeiffer's Trios. These guys are really popular because people like to see birds argue.
Valerie Pfeiffer - Three's a Crowd

Valerie Pfeiffer - Sitting Pretty

Valerie Pfeiffer - Three Little Maids

If you don't like birds arguing, we also have hummingbirds, butterflies and flowers. None of them argue.

Dimensions Embroidery Kit -
Hollyhocks in Bloom

Dimensions Kit - Sheltered
Dimensions Kit - Three Bird Watchers
I know there are cat people out there. Crafters often are cat people and have to pick out cat hair from their projects.
 We have a few scenery charts that will take you places as you stitch them even if you can't live there and the only scenery you see from your chair is the ugly rock stucco of the house next door.

Dimensions Kit - Beacon at Daybreak
Dimensions Kit - Cliffside Beacon

Because I'm from the west coast I love lighthouses although I don't think I would want to live in one, because then I would have to be a crazy light house keeper.

We have wedding, anniversary and birth announcements. I remember one cross stitch piece I made for my daughter's wedding. Only it never got to her wedding. She got it at a Christmas. I missed a Christmas Eve party trying to frame it.

Peter Underhill - Wedding Celebration

Like a little whimsy, or a little kooky, or something for that man in your life or the crazy cat lady that isn't you?
Heritage Crafts - Crazy Cat Lady
Heritage Crafts - Man Cave

Dimensions Kit - Whimsical Owl

This is just a sampling. Come check out the books and needlepoint canvasses as well and the other designs I didn't post. 

And to let you know what else we have for you stitchers...

  • We carry all the DMC floss and tapestry yarn 
  • A selection of aida, evenweave, and monk's cloth. (One day I'll tell all you avid aida people the benefits of evenweave.) 
  • Kreinik threads 
  • Pearl cottons
  • Valdani silk, (and a few other specialty threads). 
  • Q snaps and hoops
  • Organization boxes and bobbins
  • Magnifiers and lamps and magnifying lamps 
  • LoRan tools
  • Needles, embroidery scissors, and beeswax
  • Mill Hill beads and other beads, buttons, and charms
I did consider writing all that out in a poem set to the Lone Ranger music or something similar but decided that I didn't feel like it this time.

So whether you're an expert who has done needlework for a hundred years, or you're just starting out, we have something for you. I think we even have a Heaven and Earth pattern around here (expert needleworkers will know what I'm talking about and how big and detailed those ones are). This one is small. A mere 350 x 444 stitches. Here it is.

HAED - Snow Princess Rising

Okay, stop panicking. Not every cross stitch chart is that big. Just the Heaven and Earth ones are. Breathe. And then come down to pick up your new stitching supplies.

Update: We've been selling these kits and charts already. So if you see something here and you come in and we don't have it, we can order it for you.

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (needleworker who has a ton of stash and still drools over everything)

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