Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nuna, Nuna, Nuna - Isn't That Fun to Say!

I am in a quandary.

A few weeks ago we got Nuna in. Nuna from Mirasol is a sportweight yarn made with 40% merino wool, 40% mulberry silk, and 20% bamboo viscose.

This stuff is gorgeous darling (say that with Barbra Streisand's voice). The colours are brilliant, vivid, jewel tones. Not neon. There's a definite sheen to it. And it's soft. It is so soft. It is throw it in a big pile and sink into it, dreaming of cloud puffs on warm sunny days with gentle breezes soft.

So what is my quandary? I can't decide on a colour.

Do I pick one of each and make a gradient shawl using that technique where you knit with two strands and gradually blend them along.

Or do I pick one exquisite colour and make a beautiful lace scarf? Except - which colour do I pick? I can see all of these colours in a beautiful lace scarf.

L-R: Lapis, Emerald Jade, Gold Rush, Campfire,
Cherry Bomb, Orchid - $12.00 175 m

Look! Not an ugly colour to be found! Do you see my problem here? First I decide on the green. Then I go "no blue!" Then I think, but that red is gorgeous! And even that yellow or that orange would make a lovely, colourful, lace scarf - and let's not forget that pretty pink. 

I can't decide! Other women have definite colours that they love, and know which colours work for them and they are faithful to those colours, But me, when it comes to colour, I can't be faithful..

I am colour promiscuous.

There I said it. I am Anna and I am colour promiscuous. 

Oh sure, it started innocently enough. I gravitate to what I call peacock colours - blue, green, purple, but I also have a great love for reds and pinks, and even for neutral shades like browns and grays. 

Then I started working here.

I am surrounded by colour! It entices me. It wrapped its evil, elegant, tendrils around me and pretty soon I was swooning over orange. Orange! I was never a huge fan of orange, believing it was fine for oranges and carrots but not much for anything else. And yet - I want to drink in some of those oranges. And yellow! I have embraced yellow again, a colour that was a childhood favourite but lost it's way because it got muddied up by other colors. But now? Show me a brilliant sunshine yellow that makes me long for warm sunny days, or a soft delicate butter and I'm toast for that butter.

As long as I work here, colour is my drug and there is no known recovery. I will have to revel in colour and repent later. 

As for the Nuna, sigh. What shall I do? What shall I do?

Posted by Anna Maria Junus (happy employee who is also colour promiscuous and admits it)

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