Monday, July 10, 2017

Celebrate Canada

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Fifty years ago, Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of confederation with a world fair.  Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau promoted the world exhibition theme, focusing on "Man and His World". Women of the World: How would you react today celebrating "Man and His World"?

Expo '67 was the first international celebration in North America. Many of the countries of the world created pavilions/displays representing part of their culture and heritage. If you were lucky enough to be able to attend, it was a wonderful and diverse experience. Do you appreciate the adaptation of the 100th logo to create the logo for 150? 

Do you also remember we celebrated our diversity and our heritage? Do you remember learning every province is different - and you can tell the difference in each one. The differences include: climate, scenery,  wildlife - as are the people. All our beautiful, unique with stunning scenery - diverse and very different culturally. 

Enough of the lecture and history lesson . . .  We have a very avid birder living near Gull Lake, who is following the offspring of a pair of Northern Owls who successfully mated and had three chicks. At present, he is aware of one of the fledglings.

Which leads us to this week's 75% off special. This would be a great starter project as the eyes, beak and tassels are completed. The pattern is easy to read crochet. Most of the work is either single or double crochet. The end project is very wearable 

Katia Kid's Cap Owl 
100% acrylic
Regular Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $3.25

Posted by Anne Homenuk, knitter who would like to improve my crochet skills

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  1. I am too young to remember the 100 celebration, but I remember singing a song in school that came out of it and we were told it was written for the celebration.

    And I understand this logo caused some controversy, but those who didn't like it didn't bother doing their homework on it.